Kennemerhart and Fundashon Mariadal Join Forces

Kennemerhart and Fundashon Mariadal Join Forces

Kralendijk – Together you know more than alone. From this point of view, healthcare institutions Kennemerhart (Haarlem) and Fundashon Mariadal (Bonaire) have signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of Het Lerend Netwerk.

The collaboration between Kennemerhart and Fundashon Mariadal is aimed at an active mutual exchange of information, learning from each other and innovating through, for example, (Skype) visits, consultations and intervisions. With the aim of improving the quality of the care offered to the elderly and making it future-proof.

Elderly care is facing major challenges in both places, such as labor market shortages and the growing and changing demand for care. The core of The Learning Network is that both organizations learn from each other. Especially in corona time. For all nursing homes, this is a difficult period with illness and death of clients, restrictive measures and overburdened employees. Learning from each other’s approach, sharing protocols and experiences. This can be very useful, but also supportive and inspiring.


Giovanni Frans, director of Fundashon Mariadal, says he is pleased with the collaboration. “On each side of the ocean, some matters are approached differently and happen in a slightly different way. This is precisely where we can find our strengths and join forces to provide better care by means of knowledge and information exchange ”.

“We learn from each other,” says Audrey van Schaik, chairman of the Kennemerhart Board of Directors. “When I talked to employees and clients of elderly care on Bonaire, I experienced how on an island with a family culture, the elderly can be of great importance. There is great respect for the elderly and the habit of continuing to care for each other on Bonaire”.


Fundashon Mariadal strives for an optimal balance in patient and client orientation and professionalism. The personal approach, specifically for Bonaire, is central to this. In addition, innovation with an insular character is important in the continuous development of the organization. Collaboration with health and knowledge centers, such as the Kennemerhart, means great added value in the further development of an integrated approach to care for the elderly.

Kennemerhart is one of the founders of small-scale living for clients with dementia and offers specialist knowledge for the elderly. “Our quality and expertise of employees is at a high level, which we are happy to share with others,” says van Schaik.

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