Koos Sneek Quits DP and Declares himself Independent

Koos Sneek
Archive Photo BES-Reporter

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- In what can be described as nothing less than a ‘bombshell announcement’, Koos Sneek has declared himself independent from the Democratic Party and will now be an independent fraction in Statia’s Island Council, which was only yesterday sworn in.

“This morning Friday October 30th, I have informed the Democratic Party and the chairman of the Island Council, Mr. Marnix van Rij, that I declare myself independent island council member in the Island Council of St. Eustatius”, according to a Press Statement sent out by Sneek this morning.

Sneek in his statement also wrote that the decision was a difficult one to take. “The main reason for me to come to this decision was the difference of opinion between myself and the leader of the Democratic Party, Ms. Adelka Spanner, on the strategy to move forward after yet another loss in the Island Council elections held on October 21st”.


Sneek also added that it was not his intention to become like an opposition to the DP and said he hoped the would still be able to find ‘find common grounds’ on issues that are important for the island.

Sneek ran as the number 2 on the list of the DP Statia.

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