KPCN Bonaire notes an increase in traffic violations

Photo: Zaida Ellis.

Kralendijk- The Police Force (KPCN) notes that routine traffic controls show there are still many violations. Especially many motorists do not have their driving license and insurance papers in order.

It has also been noticed that many motor vehicles drive on public roads without license plates. Other traffic violations, such as driving without a helmet on, without a seat belt or with a phone in hand, are still quite common.

During a recent routine control, of the 40 motor vehicles were checked, 16 drivers received a fine for several violations. Four drivers had no license plate, four drivers had no valid insurance certificate, four drivers could not show their drivers license, three drivers had no seatbelt on and one motor rider did not have his helmet on.

Four drivers received a warning and were given the opportunity to attach their license plate to the vehicle, before being allowed on their way.

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