Labour Inspectorate checks on Companies Saba

Labour Inspectorate checks on Companies Saba
Photo Credit: BES Reporter/Curtis Eduarda

The Bottom, Saba – The Labour Inspectorate has carried out various inspections at companies on Saba during the past three weeks. In a total of twenty inspections, three cases were found of foreign workers for whom no work permit had been issued. One construction site was shut down due to an unsafe work situation.

Thirteen re-inspections were conducted in the retail and hospitality sectors. It regarded companies that had previously received a warning. Most companies had now taken the appropriate measures to eliminate these violations. Seven checks were carried out at construction sites. KPCN and the KMar provided support for two of these inspections.

Employers who allowed employees from abroad to work without a work permit will receive a police report for violating the Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen BES (BES Employment of Foreigners Act). This legislation protects the local labour market and fights unfair competition.

In addition to carrying out checks in the field of fair, safe and healthy work, the Labour Inspectorate is investigating a number of cases on Saba in which there may be fraud with the corona support.

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