Lamb meat Promising for Local Production

A great variety of meat products can be made from locally grown lamb and/or goat. Quality improvement is however imperative.

Kralendijk- The department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Husbandry on Bonaire LVV sees ample opportunities for more meat production on the island.

In the year 2015 POP Bonaire executed a study which showed that there is a market for lamb products on the island. Supermarkets, butchers, restaurants and goat farmers have been interviewed.

The conclusion of the study was that there definitely is a market for local lamb, but this lamb must be of better quality. Potential buyers of the lamb indicate that the local goats have a lot of bone, and little meat.

Breed improvement is therefore necessary. To get an idea of ​​what is possible in the field of goats and sheep farming, an inspirational trip was made to Texel in 2016 on the initiative of POP Bonaire with three goat farmers, the chairman of the Kriabon, a butcher and a cook.

Texel Lamb

Texel was mainly economically dependent on tourism. Thirty years ago they started developing regional products such as Texel lamb. More than 100 local products are now sold. This is a new pillar of the island’s economy.

A Texel butcher sells the following lamb products, which you can also make good from goats: lamb shoulder, lamb chops, rack of lamb, lamb ham (cooked and smoked), lamb legs finished with a nice local beer and lamb stew.

Residual products that can be made from the lamb meat: lamb shawarma, leg slices, minced lamb, sausages, goat burgers, goat skewers, marinated chops, spare ribs, necks, dry goat sausage.

On YouTube a video can be found about a visit to the Texel butcher, who tells about his experience with the various lamb products.

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