Leerdam (PLP): Decision to take Vaccine or not ‘very personal’

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- PLP Pary leader Rechelline Leerdam says that the decision to take the Covid-vaccine or not is a very personal one.

“In the Central Committee meeting of January 14th 2021, the Vaccination plan and the vaccine was discussed. It was a very fruitful meeting where many critical questions and concerns as it pertains to the vaccine was posed to the government commissioners and a member from the white Column Team”, according to Leerdam.

While Leerdam says that she felt a lot of questions had been answered, there were still some issues on the table. One of the concerns is what will happen to people who decide not to take the vaccine. “What will happen when unvaccinated persons have to travel for medical treatment? Who will be bearing the cost of such persons when its not possible to quarantine at home?”

Another concern of Leerdam is the issue of employees working in the healthcare sector. “Will they eventually be mandated to take the vaccine? To me this question has not been sufficiently addressed as of yet”, according to Leerdam in a press statement on the topic.


“Taking the vaccine is a personal decision”, said Leerdam, who added that she would not advice people to either abstain or partake in the vaccination process. “I will advise you do your research that you may come to a sound decision. I pray for wisdom for all during these times that we are facing, and may God continue to bless and keep us”, said Leerdam in closing.

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