Less Red Tape for obtaining Business Permits Bonaire

Commisioner Hennyson Thielman flanked by members of the team to achieve faster business permits. Photo: Goverment of Bonaire

Kralendijk- Soon the establishment of a business on Bonaire will get much easier and, especially, faster.

Starting July 1st, it will be possible to apply for a new permit online. Currently applicants still have to wait about 8 weeks for a business permit. This has consequences for how quickly and how easily someone can start a business on Bonaire.

Shortening the processing time for a business permit application has been advocated by the private sector for many years. Entrepreneurs will no longer have to go to the Civil Affairs Department to obtain proof of registration. “Proof of registration is a requirement when applying for a business permit. The proof of registration can be paid online. Civil Affairs ensures that the proof of registration, together with the application, is sent to the relevant department. A huge step in making it easier to get a business permit”, says commissioner Hennyson Thielman.


The public entity Bonaire works together with the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce (KvK) for this. The Chamber of Commerce is also closely involved in applying for a business permit.

According to Thielman, the goal is to remove obstacles in the process as much as possible. As Executive Council we also want to persuade the population to use less paper by making more use of the possibilities of the new Government website. Soon it will also be possible to apply for other permits online, such as a building permits”.

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