Liberty Latin America Highlights Safe Internet Access for All

Photo: Felipe Ruiz Rivillas, VP, Information Security (CISO) of Liberty Latin America

Philipsburg – Connectivity is at the heart of Liberty Latin America’s business with a focus on ensuring as many people as possible can access the digital world. Today, the Company marks Safer Internet Day across Latin America and the Caribbean by promoting the need for safe access for all.

Felipe Ruiz Rivillas, VP, Information Security (CISO), Liberty Latin America, commented, “In our industry, we see first-hand how important access to the digital world is and the impact it can have on helping communities to grow and thrive. However, we must also raise awareness and educate users on how to engage safely and responsibly. Safer Internet Day is a great reminder that we must always equip users with the knowledge and tools to help safeguard themselves in our digital environment.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital connectivity adoption and highlighted the need to expand access. It is not simply work or study from home; it is from anywhere in the world (a shopping center, a cafe, an airport, etc.). The user now sets the safety perimeter, and they need to ensure it is as strong as possible.

Charlesworth Sydney, Country Manager, UTS Eastern Caribbean, said internet traffic was growing at an unprecedented rate due to the pandemic.

“There has never been a period of rapid traffic growth like what the world is currently witnessing with activity increasing between 40% and 60% over the last twelve months as compared to traditional growth rates,”
he/she said.

Internet traffic has exploded, according to online articles in various technology publications which show communication platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom recording have experienced usage
increases as high as 304%, 609% and 800% respectively in 2020.

To help mark the occasion of Safer Internet Day and promote this year’s theme of ‘Together for a better Internet’, Liberty Latin America employees are hosting a range of initiatives to raise awareness about internet safety across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some of the tips being recommended include:
– Never share a password or account number over e-mail or instant messaging tool.
– Do not open links from unknown accounts, always be suspicious.
– Be wary of suspicious callers, pop-ups, websites, or e-mails asking for personal information.
– Check the senders and the pages you open before typing your username and password. You can try using the wrong password if you distrust the page. Your antivirus must be up to date and your devices updated on security patches.
– Your lifeguard is the second authentication factor (MFA, Token).
– Make an inventory of your users and passwords (applications, emails, websites, subscriptions, etc.).
– Don’t use the same password for everything; try to use patterns that only you know. Change passwords frequently.
– Immediately file a report with local authorities if there is ever an incident of a suspicion of identity theft.

Ruiz concluded, “Information security plays a crucial role in ensuring users can safely access the internet, and we are committed to playing our role in helping to protect our customers and communities as they navigate the digital world.”

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