Linkels & Partners Start Study into IQ test Validity

Man taking IQ test on tablet
Man taking IQ test on tablet

Kralendijk- The office of psychologists Linkels & Partners is starting scientific investigation into the validity of one of the most widely used IQ tests in the world. The study will investigate the extent to which international norm groups are representative for scores of residents on the Dutch Caribbean islands. The study is being conducted by psychologists Harald Linkels, Sandra Wichard and Liane Bonofacia.

“By having as many people as possible of different ages and different educational backgrounds take the test, we investigate how the distribution of scores compares to scores in other countries,” explains Wichard.

It is interesting for people who are curious about their personal IQ Score to participate in the survey. The test, which takes about an hour to complete, provides the person with an IQ score (free of charge). “Anyone who has always wanted to know what their own IQ score is can, in principle, take advantage of this opportunity,” says Harald Linkels.

Participating in the research -as said- costs the participant nothing. The only conditions are that participants must be between 12 and 70 years of age, and that they must have followed primary or basic education on one of the Dutch Caribbean islands.


The tests will be conducted at the various locations where Linkels & Partners operates, including Curaçao, Bonaire and St. Maarten. In addition, a separate process will be set up for the office in Belize and Trinidad, because they have a completely educational system than we have on our islands.

“But the comparison, for example between average scores in Belize or Trinidad and those on our islands, provides additional information and is interesting for our research,” says Liane Bonofacia. Anyone interested in participating who meets the conditions described can send an email to

Companies can also register to participate in the survey. According to Harald Linkels, the IQ scores obtained by participants treated strictly confidential. “Everyone gets information about his/her own score, but this is not disclosed to anyone else”. After receipt of the email or message, a date for the test will be agreed upon with the candidates.

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