Lions’ International Life Award for Saba Lions member

The Saba Lions Club

The Bottom, Saba – A Life Membership award ceremony was held on December 9th, 2020 at 7pm at the Eugenius Johnson Center in Windwardside Saba.

The Lions’ International Life Membership Award, is a symbolic recognition of long time, dedicated service to a Lions Club. This award was presented to Lion Carmen Harriet Simmons, along with a certificate honoring her as a recipient of the prestigious Lion’s International, Life Membership Award. This award is only granted to members who have maintained active membership for twenty or more years and have rendered outstanding service to his/her club and community. Lion Carmen is very deserving of her award. She is highly regarded by both her local club and the district for her years of involvement with her home club, being the Saba Lions Club.

Lion Carmen has displayed commitment in supporting various
projects and activities for the betterment of the community of Saba.
Projects that are of special interest to her are those that affect the youth and the elderly of Saba. She is one of their greatest advocates.

Lion Carmen is also the culture icon of Saba as it was Lion Carmen who put Saba on the map when it comes to celebrating Carnival.

“We have seen her involvement teaching our children the art of music,
her piano lessons, and her lifelong dedication to her church, where she
has been the organist for more than 75 years. I can also attest to the
fact that Lion Carmen also relishes in a good joke” Lion Franklin Wilson shared with the audience.

Lion Carmen began her long history with the Lions when she became a member of the Saba Lioness Club. It didn’t take her long to become a major contributor to the Saba Lions Club, holding the positions of vice-president, President and chairwoman of various committees. With over 43 years of assisting the community, the Saba Lions Club works under the philosophy of “We Serve”. “There is no ‘self’ in Lions and the Lions Club is working like a family together to do the things needed in the community where the government doesn’t find enough money”, the emcee Franklin Wilson continued.

The local Lions Club has achieved a well-earned reputation as an
organization that supports causes that assist with bettering the lives of
residents in our communities. A multitude of groups, projects and
activities have been, and still are supported by this club, for instance the Meals on Wheels and Food baskets.

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