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List Sneek presents ‘Action List’ for St. Eustatius

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Koos Sneek on an archive picture, still wearing his DP cap. Photo: Archive ABC Online Media

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Koos Sneek of the independent fraction ‘List Sneek’ in the Island Council of St. Eustatius has presented a so-called action list for the development of the island.

“As newly appointed island council member I have drafted an action plan of some 12 subjects of importance which I want to focus on during this governmental period running until March 2023”, according to Sneek.

Sneek says in his introduction that his ultimate goal is a more self sufficient and sustainable Statia, with an equal quality of life for all.


Sneek also writes in the introduction to the document that, regardless the limited authority the council has in the first phases, his fraction sees it as their responsibility to present a constructive and detailed plan to improve the situation on the island.

“We realize that we can only be successful when we work together as an island council in close collaboration with the Government Commissioner and hopefully later with an appointed executive council” according to Sneek.

The councilman feels that in some areas, collaboration with the Island Councils of Bonaire and Saba will increase our chances of success.


According to Sneek the outlined plans include for each area or field concrete actions to be taken. In some instances, the plans may coincide with plans or programs that maybe are already in the pipeline in some form or fashion.

Other ideas simply may not have been on the agenda as yet due to the magnitude of measures that were needed to take, to get the island back in a position where it can take care of its own government again.  

“We seek broad based support, not only locally but also in The Hague by the Parliament and the various ministries, to carry out the plans which we believe will ultimately benefit all the people of St. Eustatius”, according to Sneek.

The full plan can be downloaded here:

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