Long-stay Visitors Bonaire qualify for Vaccination

Commissioner Nina den Heyer during the press conference on Friday, providing details on the upcoming vaccination campaign.

Kralendijk- All tourists on the island who stay for more then four weeks, will in principle qualify for vaccination, just as if they were residents.

This was explained by Commissioner Nina den Heyer and Public Health official Joey van der Slobbe.

The four-week requirement is because of the fact that most vaccines will take two injections and just receiving one would not make sense. In most cases there will be a 3-week window between the first and the second injection.

Undocumented persons also qualify for vaccination, just like legal residents. As of March 1 vaccination will start for those 60 years and older. People wanting to get vaccinated can register either by calling special number 0800-0800 or by visiting the Governments crisis website

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