LVV Bonaire plants 50 Coconut Trees

Commissioner Kroon (l) and LVV Director Maurice Adriaens. Photo: Government of BOnaire

Kralendijk – The Department of Agriculture, Husbandry and Fisheries (LVV) has started with the planting fruit trees.

According to project leader Maurice Adriaens, the planting of fifty coconut trees is the first step in a bigger plan to grow more fruit trees.

In addition to coconut trees, soon guyaba, mango, medlar and many other fruit trees will be planted.

Commissioner James Kroon pointed out that until now the emphasis at LVV has been on growing vegetables and food for animals. That was a huge success. Now a start has been made with growing fruit.

The commissioner said that that the coconut trees will soon be sold to interested parties. This also applies to the other fruit trees that will be sold soon.

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