Malfuntion Booster Station Sewer Station Kaya Neerlandia Solved

Kralendijk- The power outage on Wednesday, July 28, has caused a malfunction in the waste water treatment plant at Lagoen.

As a result, no wastewater could be pumped to the wastewater treatment plant at Lagoen from the booster station of Kaya Neerlandia. By operating the station manually until power was restored, the nuisance was kept to a minimum. WEB thanks local residents who experienced inconvenience for their understanding.

The Wastewater Treatment and Booster Station in the vacuum sewage system of Kralendijk have a backup in case of power failure. During the blackout of Wednesday July 28, the backup was started in accordance with the procedures. Unfortunately, a technical problem arose with the backup of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as a result of which the digital connection between the booster station at the Kaya Neerlandia and the wastewater treatment plant did not work.

Once the problem was identified by the operators of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, a technician was sent to the booster station on the Kaya Neerlandia. The station was operated manually until power was restored, after which the communication link could be re-established.

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