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Man in Bonaire Sentenced to Six Years for Assault on ex-Girlfriend

The victim was, among others, viciously stabbed with a screw driver.

Kralendijk -The Court in Bonaire today sentenced a 35-year-old Venezuelan National to 6 years in prison for attempted manslaughter on October 28, 2020.

The Public Prosecutor had demanded 10 years for attempted murder. The man stayed and worked illegally on Bonaire. On June 13, 2020, the man seriously assaulted his ex-partner and -among others- stabbed her five times with a screwdriver.

The man also took away her phone, when she tried to call the police. The victim survived the brutal attack, but was severely injured. The victim still lives with the physical and psychological consequences of the attack.

With regard to the sentence applied, the Judge took into account the fact that there seemed to be no evidence for a premeditated attack.

The Court also considered that the chance of something similar being done again was relatively big and that was an additional reason for an unconditional prison sentence.

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