MBO and VMBO in Bonaire Now Meet Basic Quality

Liset de Keijser and Lyanne Boekhoudt are very happy with the positive results of the quality assessment. Photo: SGB
Liset de Keyser and Lyanne Boekhoudt

Liset de Keyser and Lyanne Boekhoudt are very happy with the positive results of the quality assessment. Photo: SGB

Kralendijk- This week the Inspectorate of Education on Bonaire was to assess the quality of the MBO and VMBO school programs. After an extensive inspection, both Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) units have been given the ‘basic quality’ feature. This fulfills a long-cherished wish for MBO and VMBO Bonaire.

With the newly acquired characteristic ‘basic quality’ the schools meet all quality requirements of the inspection. The inspectorate, among other things, looks at the curriculum, the didactic behavior of teachers, the school climate and student care. These aspects largely determine the learning performance of pupils. The MBO and VMBO Bonaire now have the same quality characteristic as the schools in the Netherlands.

In November 2017, the Education Inspectorate issued an advisory report containing various quality improvements. This week the progress of these points for improvement was tested. The inspection was impressed by the impressive follow-up. They praised the involvement of teachers, the safe school climate, the vision on education and the quality of examinations. They attended classes and saw that lecturers conveyed the material well and were happy to take an extra step. The inspectorate also spoke with students who indicated that they were satisfied with their “good school”.

“We have worked really hard together for this,” says Liset de Keijzer, unit-director MBO Bonaire. “That we have succeeded with flying colors for the basic quality makes me very proud!”. Lyanne Boekhoudt, unit director of VMBO Bonaire, radiates with pride: “we have al worked hard towards the same goal. With a great result as a result!”

In the recent past the SGB-units came under heavy criticism for not having things in order, which would guarantee the minimum required quality level for the vocational training programs offered in the MBO and VMBO units. The result can be seen as positive for not only the SGB, but also the students enrolled in the various programs.

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