MBO student Nathanael Zimmerman designs the MBO Bonaire sneakers

Kralendijk – Nathanael Zimmerman is a very talented MBO student. During the day he follows the training All-round Professional maintenance and handyman company at level 3 and in the evening he is busy as a creative entrepreneur. On Facebook and Instagram you can see his beautiful designs under the name Nata Skills.

Unit director Liset de Keijzer was introduced to his creative entrepreneurship during his presentation at the business entrepreneurial behaviour course. Nathanael showed several sports shoes with unique designs. She was so impressed with his talent that she decided to ask him to design MBO Bonaire sneakers.

Thursday 10 December was the time! The shoes complete with MBO Bonaire house style, the flag of Bonaire and the motto  “Bo futuro ta kuminisa aki” were ready to be handed over to unit director Liset de Keijzer. The enthusiasm of MBO Bonaire’s team was great at seeing the creative design of Nata Skills. Several teachers immediately announced that they too would like to have their own shoe designed.

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