MijnCN: Online Platform for Public Services to be Launched soon

Kralendijk – In January 2021 MijnCN, the online platform for public services in the Caribbean Netherlands, will be launched. The platform enables residents and businesses to handle their obligations safely, easily and quickly online, directly with the affiliated services.

The Caribbean Netherlands Tax Administration office (BCN) is the first service to join the platform. Residents and businesses can access the platform to file their annual income tax returns or General Expenditure Tax and Wage Tax returns. In the first quarter of 2021, the RCN Unit for Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) will also move its service to the online platform, enabling employers to report employee absences online for their wage loss application. More central and local government services will become available on the portal in the near future. This way, residents of the Caribbean Netherlands will have a one-stop portal for all their government-related matters.


Users can log in wherever they are to view or change information or manage their business. An informative website with animations and step-by-step instructions will guide them through the system. A helpdesk will be available to answer any questions if further clarification is needed. Users can also authorise someone to handle their obligations on their behalf.


Users who have logged in to their account can sign government documents, so it is our top priority to ensure the platform is secure. Therefore, data on the platform is protected in various ways, for instance through two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is a user identity verification method that requires users to perform two forms of identification, instead of one, in order to access their personal account.


Users can handle their government-related matters at the time that suits them. From the convenience of their home, without having to stand in line, make an appointment or wait for offices to open. Data is entered directly into the system of the relevant public service, which means it can be processed more quickly.

In short, MijnCN is easy, safe and fast. More information will be available on from 2021.

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