Minister Doran launches anti-littering campaign St. Maarten

The campaign logo on one of the garbage bins.

Philipsburg – The Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI), Honorable Egbert J. Doran, announced the launch of the D.A.B. (Dispose in A Bin) campaign in efforts of encouraging environmental pride among citizens and visitors with strong anti-littering messages.

The campaign was prompted by previous events of irresponsible use of public spaces, which urged the Ministry of VROMI to curve the disposal practices of the public. While Minister Doran encourages safe and responsible recreational activities, large volumes of litter are sometimes discarded in shared public spaces causing irreversible damage to our natural habitats. This type of behavior diminishes our tourism product.

The D.A.B. campaign serves to remind residents and visitors that extracurricular activities in our shared public spaces are encouraged with responsible use. Beach activities, hiking, socializing or outdoor exercise usually attracts the use of disposable waste, which should be discarded responsibly and appropriately post activities. If in the event a waste bin is not within reach, the Minister encourages everyone to take your waste with you and dispose of it at the nearest bin.

The Brown Pelican has been chosen as the campaign mascot to reflect the campaign’s purpose. The character, named “Dabby”, symbolizes the country’s national bird and will serve as a reminder of the environment and animals that littering potentially puts at risk. 

In effort of increasing visual presence of the campaign, several high traffic waste bins in key areas have been labelled with Dabby’s image to encourage responsible disposal behavior. It is intended that these same garbage bin stickers will be distributed to various schools to increase awareness amongst our youth of the importance of a clean St. Maarten.

Minister Doran urges the community to take pride in the Country we call home and to understand the importance of keeping the island clean. The Minister noted he believes this campaign will create increased awareness of responsible disposal that will be adapted by residents and visitors alike.

Global environmental concerns are increasing daily due to the imprudent behaviors of humanity, and St. Maarten is not exempt. Littering causes perilous effects on our environment that can eventually inhibit the quality of life for all our residents and visitors.

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