MP Van Raak (SP) Wants Information on WINAIR Management Salaries

Never one to waste a good opportunity, Van Raak wants to know what WINAIR’s top brass earns in light of the emergency loan provided by The Netherlands.

The Hague/Philipsburg- Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak (SP) wants to know what the CEO and other members of Management at WINAIR earn.

Van Raak asked this question in a letter to State Secretary Raymond Knops (BZK). The questions of Van Raak are prompted by the urgent decision of the Dutch Cabinet on December 31st, to provide WINAIR with an emergency loan to avoid an impending demise of the Airline.

Van Raak also wants to know whether a reduction in salary of the Top Brass at WINAIR was one of the conditions for the provided support.


One of the conditions announced by the Dutch government for granting the loan is that the Airline may not pay out bonuses to directors or Supervisory Board members, nor is it allowed to pay out any profits or dividends to its shareholders, until the provided loan has been fully repaid.

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