Nearly 3 million euros for better waste management Bonaire

State Secretary Veldhoven during an earlier visit to Bonaire

Kralendijk – Bonaire will receive almost 3 million euros to improve waste management on the island. The money will be used, among other things, to finance waste trucks and a press machine for separate collection of industrial waste. The collection of small hazardous waste, such as paint or batteries, is also improved.

Furthermore, the household waste needs to be better separated. This does call for more information for the inhabitants and an adaptation of the waste centre. Plans for this are expected in 2021.

88% of the waste on the island is now still being dumped. Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven (Environment) does not think this is a “future-proof route” and says that Bonaire should also work towards a circular economy in which reuse is central. According to her, this has made a good start, but much remains to be done.

Edison Rijna Island Governor of Bonaire, is “very grateful” to Van Veldhoven for her involvement. He calls it the next step towards a clean and waste-free Bonaire.

Bonaire belongs to the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. It is a so-called special municipality, unlike Aruba, Curaçao and Sint-Maarten. These are autonomous countries within the Kingdom.

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