New daily overview Bonaire COVID-19 figures

New daily overview COVID-19 Bonaire figures

Kralendijk –  The Public Health Department has redesigned the daily overview of the COVID-19 figures. The new overview will be used from April 15 and is made up of six cubes with numbers, three in a row at the top and three in a row at the bottom.

In the top row, the number of positive tests is indicated in the first block. It also indicates how much this number has decreased or increased compared to the previous day. In the middle block the number of active cases is included, also here with the indication whether there have been cases or if there is a decrease. The third block indicates the number of negative tests. 

In the bottom row, the first block shows the number of people tested. This block also shows with figures how many people have been tested in total. The middle block indicates the number of people who died. In the third block it is indicated how many people have been admitted to the hospital on the island and also how many patients from Bonaire are in foreign hospitals.

The new overview no longer includes the number of people who have recovered. The number of people recovered can be traced back to the decrease or increase in the number of active cases. The number of people in quarantine is not included in the new overview. Due to the high workload during an outbreak, it is not possible to keep track of it properly.

The people who need to be quarantined are informed and monitored by the Department of Public Health. In busy times, they are informed by their positively tested contacts. In such a case, they are responsible for finishing the quarantine period and reporting for a test in case of complaints. With the new overview, the Department of Public Health hopes to clearly visualize the most important figures on a daily basis without the need for much explanatory text.

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