New Generation Yellow-Shouldered Amazon Parrots Hatching

Kralendijk – The new generation of Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots, are hatching on Bonaire. In an ideal world, Echo wants to see parrots flying free; however, it is a long and difficult journey and hatching a chick is just the start of it. Parrots are devoted parents, who put great effort into raising their chicks, but sometimes even they need help against poachers and natural predators.
To help provide a more certain future for parents and their chicks, they are addressing Yellow-shouldered Amazon threats such as deforestation, poaching and invasive species, but they can’t do it without your help!
Help them reach their target of $12,500 and make sure that parrot families stay together and most of these babies get their chance to fledge and fly free in the sky of Bonaire.
Friend will you help us to protect the future of Yellow-shouldered Amazons?
Your gift will help support critical actions such as:

  •  Detecting new nest and parrot breeding activity in the wild
  •  Monitoring wild nests to protect chicks from poachers and other non-natural threats
  •  Empowering locals to be active on the ground protecting parrot nests
  •  Inspiring love and value for wild parrots among island residents
  •  Restoring the dry-forest habitat for parrots to create future nest sites in tree cavities

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