New Home handed over to Statia Resident

Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis, Elizabeth Jones Policy Advisor Social Domain, resident S. Blair,  Ingrid Whitfield Coordinator Infrastructure Projects Social Domain, Carol Jack-Roosberg Director of Social Domain, and Victor Santos of Victor Santos Enterprises.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- A Statia resident has been presented with a new home on Friday December 18th.

According to He has worked diligently with the different units within the Directorate of Social Domain to improve his well-being by way of housing and employment. Specifically, the Labor Department for employment and the Social Affairs Department for additional support and assistance.

The Labor Department, in a joint venture with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, has introduced a pilot program to stimulate labor participation for persons with a medium to long distance to the labor market through a wage cost subsidy program.


The current dwelling of Blair will be demolished to allow for the expansion of the Felicia Viola van Zanten Complex for assisted living with a second phase. This phase will result in the construction of 10 additional homes; 5 assisted living and 5 emergency homes.

This innovative housing solution was made possible by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports, the collaborative efforts of Labor Department, Social Affairs Department, Progressive Consultant Bureau. The Directorate of Social Domain expresses profound thanks to the contractor, Victor Santos Enterprises for his donations with this project.

“As Public Entity we are focused on raising the living standard of our inhabitants of St. Eustatius. Therefore, on November 30th the Housing and Living committee was established in order to further create housing possibilities and adequate living opportunities. We are pleased present Mr. Blair with keys to this home for which he has entered into a contractual agreement with government “, said Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis.

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