New main street location, branding for UTS/Chippie Bonaire

UTS has relocated the store to the Kaya Grandi in downtown Kralendijk. Photo: BES-Reporter
Nieuwe UTS locatie in Kaya Grandi

UTS has relocated the store to the Kaya Grandi in downtown Kralendijk. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Curaçao’s main Telecom Provider, United Telecom Services (UTS) has moved their office on Bonaire to the Kaya Grandi in downtown Kralendijk, next to Gio’s Ice Cream and in front of what used to be Botica Bonaire.

The provider of the popular Chippie Mobile Network is one of 3 providers of cellular services in Bonaire, together with Digicel and Telbo’s Kla Mobile.

The new location has been set up with the new corporate image of UTS, which was recently also introduced at the new main office of UTS in Curaçao.

The location is the third one for UTS/Chippie in Bonaire. The first Chippie office was hastily set up further down in the Kaya Grandi in front of Maduro Travel, after Telbo decided to enter a strategic partnership with Digicel and sever ties with Chippie. The office was later moved to a new and bigger location in Kaya Caracas and now again to what can be considered the most attractive part of Kralendijk’s main street. Although the new location looks beautiful and is located quite central, the lack of parking space anywhere close to the new office, may not be liked by those hoping to drive by car to the new UTS store.

Although the telecom market is quite crowded for a small island like Bonaire and in spite of Kla Mobile entrance into the market with their fast LTE Data network, Chippie remains one of the more popular mobile networks on the island, not in the last place because of the ‘Chippieland’ concept where users of the UTS/Chippie network can make calls at ‘local’ tariffs in Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten (both French and Dutch side), St. Eustatius and Saba. Suriname (with Uniqa) and Saint Kitts as of recently do no longer form part of Chippieland. Users of Chippieland can also use mobile data on any island in Chippieland without additional costs.

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