New P-Direkt building officially opened

On the picture from left to right: Acting Governor. Mr. Reynold Oleana, Ms. Marijke van den Broek (new director of P-Direkt) and Mr. Edgar Heijmans (former director of P-Direkt)

Kralendijk – As of November 2020, P-Direkt has taken up use of a new building. However, the official opening was delayed due to the corona measures, but also to be able to add the finishing touches on the work being done in the building.

Wednesday 8th of September 2021 was the day. Acting Governor, Mr. Reynold Oleana, together with Mr. Edgar Heijmans (former director of P-Direkt) and Mrs. Marijke van den Broek (new director of P-Direkt), officially opened the building by unveiling the location sign. Subsequently, those present in small groups, under supervision, could view the building.

P-Direkt is a government organization and provides salary and personnel administration for civil servants in European Netherlands. In order to be easily accessible for civil servants in the Netherlands during the evenings, a branch was opened on Bonaire in 2015. Due to the time difference, Bonaire can keep the service up and running. If you have a question about personnel matters after 5 p.m. European time or if you want to arrange something in the P-Direkt portal, you will get a colleague on Bonaire on the phone.

A total of 25 employees now work for P-Direkt on Bonaire; they are divided over two teams. All employees are trained locally at the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire.

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