New Statia Video Shines the Spotlight on the Island

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – A new video highlighting the best of Statia as a tourism destination was released. This was a collaboration between the two dive shops on the island and the Tourist Office, aimed at attracting more travellers to the island, when possible. The video was produced by renowned videographer, Franck Fougére of Follow Me Productions, France, who specializes in nature photography and is known for his work with National Geographic. In this video, he takes viewers on a captivating journey, exploring Statia’s natural environment and vibrant marine life.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, the video’s focus on nature, diving and the great outdoors will inspire you to think of adventure, exploration, history and well-being. With a soothing, tranquil antiquity feeling only Statia can provide, the video begins with an aerial view of the island’s dormant volcano, the Quill and its lush foliage, enveloped by grey, wispy clouds, emitting an aura of mystery. Viewers are then whisked away to the beach; a visit with history on the forts; introduction to and conversations with the people of Statia, then down into the depths of Statia’s main tourist attraction – the Marine Park with its mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colour and frolicking, curious inhabitants. Marieke of Scubaqua Dive Center said, “Especially now during the pandemic, we are glad to show the world our beautiful destination.”

People are often more inclined to travel to places they see in a video, and it is hoped that the awareness of the island as a prime destination will be increased and that diving, nature and history lovers will be enticed to visit the Golden Rock. With diving being one of Statia’s main attractions, “we are quite thankful for Statia Tourism’s Office support for the production of this video,” said Sarah of Golden Rock Dive Center.

Statia has just opened its borders on August 2nd to all fully vaccinated travelers. Non-vaccinated travelers are also welcome, however, both groups must adhere to the measures put in place by the government and local public health department. With the pandemic’s negative effect on the tourism sector and the overall economy, the local tourism market is cautious but also anxiously awaiting the moment the travel industry can return to some form of normalcy. With the finalizing of the new airport terminal and tower, Statia is well on its way to receiving more travellers.

The video can be viewed on Statia Tourism’s Facebook page, Follow Me Production’s Facebook page, and at the following links:

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