Nine Detainees Receive MBO Diploma

Kralendijk – As part of the ‘Ban pa Kambio’ project, last week three detainees obtained a secondary vocational education (MBO-1) diploma within the Caribbean Netherlands Correctional Institution (JICN). In total, nine detainees have now achieved their exams. All these persons have successfully completed the education.

Detainees can participate in a secondary vocational education if they are eligible. Three different courses are offered within the JICN: green (horticulture), construction (labour) and catering (kitchen). The courses are the result of a cooperation between the JICN and Fundashon Forma. Within a team, including a case manager, it is determined which course best suits the detainee. By now, four persons have obtained the catering diploma, three passed the construction exam and two persons obtained a diploma in green.


An internal internship, a number of theoretical exams and a practical test are part of every training course. Last year, nine people successfully completed the final exam, demonstrating what they had learned in the training course. The exams were held at the institution under the supervision of external examiners and a teacher.

Training is an important part of the reintegration process. It offers detainees the possibility of a meaningful imprisonment and provides additional opportunities on the labour market after release, which reduces the risk of recidivism. A number of ex-detainees have already found a job outside the institution.

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