Nine new Officers for Police Force Caribbean Netherlands

The nine new officers of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force. Photo KPCN.

Kralendijk- On Wednesday, December 9th , 9 candidates who started the police training in 2018 were certified.

Chief of Police, Jose Rosales opened the official ceremony with a speech. After the Island Governor, Edison Rijna and the acting Chief Public Prosecutor, Marian Veneberg.

The students were also addressed by the training coordinator, Lionel Vrutaal, team leader of the Police Academy, Rob Apelhof, employee of the Internal Affairs Office, Angelo Diaz and head of Basic Police Care, Edwin van der Giessen.

After the speeches, each student signed the diploma and received the new rank insignia. From now on they can call themselves official police officers. The photo shows the new batch of police officers of  the Dutch Caribbean Police Force.

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