Nurses in the Spotlight

Nurses in the spotlight

Kralendijk – Today is Nursing Day. The enormous commitment and enthusiasm with which nurses and carers perform their work is admirable. Of course they deserve a lot of credit for this, because where would we be without our nurses? A sweet gesture and a friendly smile: these are little thanks that they receive every day from patient and client. But sometimes it is good to pay more attention to nursing professionals. Nursing Day on May 12 is the perfect opportunity to put them in the limelight.

Nurses and carers are fully committed day and night to make others better and to care for those in need of help. Every nurse faces challenges during his or her shift, which he or she manages to solve with expertise and brilliance. Try streamlining the care of multiple patients, spread over different rooms, each with their own medication and nursing needs. And then nurses also provide a personal approach, give their patients and clients sincere attention and are alert throughout the entire service.

During one shift, a nurse may experience high peaks of happiness and deep lows of sadness. This directly appeals to both the empathetic capacity and the emotional stability of the nurse. It is all possible only with a lot of dedication, expertise and physical stamina. Throughout the year, employers, patients and clients should express the value of healthcare professionals. Fortunately, that does happen, but it is good to pay extra attention today to the enormous commitment they are making.

The recent difficult period during the Corona virus crisis has once again shown how great their commitment is, especially when it is needed more than ever. It has taken a lot from nurses physically and mentally. And we all can count ourselves lucky with their love, motivation and professional competence!

Congratulation to all nurses and carers and wishes for all other employees a happy Nursing Day!

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