Old Power Plant Saba to be converted to Marine Research Station

Old Power Plant Saba to be converted to Marine Research Station
The keys to the building being handed over to SCF. Photo: SCF

THE BOTTOM-  On January 17th, 2022, Mark Zagers, Managing Director of the Saba Electric Company (SEC), officially handed over the of the old power plant to Peter Johnson, President of the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF).

SCF is the new tenant of the old power plant at the Fort Bay harbour. Also present were commissioner, Bruce Zagers, other SCF board members, resident researchers, and staff. After the handover, the group toured and inspected the newly renovated facility. 

Due to climate change, overfishing, coastal development and other stresses, coral reefs worldwide are drastically in decline and scientists are racing to save the “rainforest of the sea” from extinction. The facility will provide novel opportunities to conduct coral reef research at an ideal location, adjacent to the Saba Marine Park and near the Saba Bank. The project was initiated in collaboration and with support of the island government.


Kai Wulf, managing director of the SCF, explained: “Our plans are to enhance the building to provide a controlled environment, so called mesocosms, to grow and study reef organisms, to better understand and control factors that impact and promote their wellbeing, with the aim to develop practical solutions to restore marine ecosystems.”

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