On Bonaire: Yacht ends up on Coast

On Bonaire: Yacht ends up on Coast

Kralendijk- The Rescue & Coordination Center (RCC) of the Coast Guard yesterday evening around 7.44 PM received a report on VHF channel 16 of a sailing ship in distress near Bonaire.

The RCC immediately engaged the Dash patrol plane to go to the designated location. Once there, the Dash saw that the sailing ship north of LAC Bay had hit the coast. There was 1 person on land and 3 persons still on the ship.

RCC warned the Police (KPCN) and the Royal Military Police (KMAR) of the situation and they sent patrols to the site.

The AW 139, the Coast Guard patrol helicopter, was also ready to provide further assistance. This however turned out to be no longer necessary, because the police forces had the situation under control and the people on board were busy removing their belongings from the stranded sailing ship.

The Coast Guard says they look back on another successful search & rescue operation, in collaboration with their partner services on Bonaire.

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