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Outbound Passengers caught with False PCR Test Results at Flamingo Airport

An American Airlines Airbus at Flamingo Airfield. Photo: Archive ABC Online Media.

KRALENDIJK- Several travelers, preparing to board a US-bound flight on Saturday October 2nd, have been caught trying to travel with falsefied PCR-test results.

According to various (yet unconfirmed) media reports, the group consists of no less then 28 travelers.

Border control in Bonaire does confirm the fact that travelers have been caught trying to travel with falsified PCR results, but is unwilling to give any futher details at this point while the investigation is ‘ongoing’. Interestingly, the Government of Bonaire shared information on Sunday on their Social Media, indicating that traveling with falsified test results can even lead to detention.

According to a spokesperson for Border Control services, a press release would be sent out as soon as details of the case have been confirmed.

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