Planning and progress of excavation work in Belnem Bonaire

Kralendijk – At the beginning of July, Water –en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB) as a project supervisor, started to renew the pipes that must transport treated waste water back to hotels. The Contractor in charge of the project, Bonaire Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM) has been digging, laying pipe sections, testing pipe sections, closing the trenches and repairing the road surface in Belnem since July 6th. All work is expected to be completed within the next 5 weeks in the Belnem area.

Belnem is divided into 5 sections for the execution of the work. In each section the work is carried out in 3 phases. In phase 1, the trenches will be dug and the pipe sections placed. Phase 1 has now been completed for 75 percent. In phase 2, trenches will be closed in phase 3 the streets will be restored to their original state.

The following schedule now applies to phase 2, the closing of the trenches will be done as follows;
1.10-14 August – Lighthouse Beach Resort towards EEG Blvd.102
2.24-28 August – EEG Blvd. 102 towards EEG Blvd. 72
3.01-4 September – EEG Blvd. 72 towards T- junction with van Eps
4.07-11 September – T-junction with van Eps towards Bonairian Resort
5.14-18 September – Bonairian Resort towards loading platform Curoil

In the week of September 21st to the 25th , all excavation and piping work will be completed and the streets/ construction zones will be restored to their original state.

For a proper and safe execution of the work, road closures, road narrows and other measures must be used. The complete or partial closure of streets or access roads is indicated by signs. These notice boards are placed at a clear distance in front of the relevant area.

WEB and BWM ask road users to be extra careful in the construction areas and to drive slowly and safely. As a project supervisor, WEB will do everything it can to keep the nuisance to a minimum. Do you have any questions or remarks? Contact WEB at

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