PLP Leader Leerdam thanks voters

PLP Leader Leerdam sent out a thank-you not to voters.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- PLP leader and Island-Council member elect Rechelline Leerdam, on Thursday evening put out a statement thanking the voters of the Progressive Labor Party.

“As the Leader of the PLP, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude. To God: For leading the candidates of the Progressive Labor Party to victory. We ask your continued wisdom, support, and guidance as we chart the way forward”, wrote Leerdam.

Leerdam said she that she thanked voters for making the election a historic one, by exercising their power through Vote. Leerdam said voters had reason to be proud.


Leerdam also shed some words on autonomy. “To those who fear the word Autonomy, it may sound terrifying if you do not understand the real meaning, but I would like to encourage you to not be discouraged and do not fear, for it simply means Statians having the opportunity to develop our Island in the direction that is in the best interest for us”, according to Leerdam.

Leerdam also wrote that the PLP meant to sit at the table with their counterparts as they moved forward. “There will be times where we will not agree but having dialogue and respect for one another will help us find common grounds”.

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