Police now Knows who caused Oil Spill in Center of Kralendijk

The spill took place over a few hundred meters in downtown Kralendijk. Photo: Inge Poorthuis.

Kralendijk- The Police says in a press statement that they now know who caused the oil spill in the Kaya L.D. Gerharts and Gouverneur Debrotweg on Sunday.

According to Police, an entrepreneur who uses diesel at his company had filled a mobile tank with diesel fuel. When the filling was done, a hose got loose from which the fuel leaked onto the road, without this being noticed by the driver.

The spill caused police and Fire Department to quickly come into action to avoid a dangerous situation. The road was closed to clean up the mess caused by the spill. The spill also caused detours and long lines of cars in Playa, both on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

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