Portfolio distribution of Executive Council Bonaire revealed

Island Governor Oleana (m), island secretary Christopher Frans and the three commissioners. Photo: Public Entity Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Several weeks after the appointment of the executive council supported by the PDB, M21, and the Vrolijk faction, the portfolio distribution of the Executive Council is now known.

Island Governor Nolly Oleana will be responsible for public order and safety, disaster management; elections, personal data registration, chairman of the executive council, chairman of the Island Council, and chairman of the General Meeting of Shareholders of various government companies.

Commissioner Clark Abraham (PDB) is responsible for business operations & support, supervision & enforcement, business operations & services, governance & democracy, government participations, diaspora & repatriation, animal welfare, sustainable tourism, economy & entrepreneurship, sports & recreation, supervision & enforcement, connectivity & innovation, intergovernmental and regional affairs.

Commissioner Anjelica Cicilia will be responsible for spatial planning & development, agricultural affairs, fisheries & food security, accessibility & mobility, infrastructure & water management, monuments and image quality, nature, environment & ecological restoration, public works & public facilities; spatial planning, planning & aesthetics, housing & liveable neighborhoods.

Commissioner Nina den Heyer will be responsible for society & care, labor participation; education & school accommodation, heritage & museums; inclusivity & participation, youth & young people, knowledge literature, art & culture; seniors, Public Health Care, social and community affairs, and social housing.


The commissioners will substitute one another in case of their absence.

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