Program ‘Bridge to Opportunities’ continues on Bonaire

Program 'Bridge to Opportunities' continues on Bonaire

Kralendijk – Three months ago, the Public Entity Bonaire and Selibon NV started the ‘Bridge to Opportunities’ program. This is a 6-month program that consists of painting, maintenance work and pruning excess vegetation. The team consists of 15 people divided over the different parts of the program.

The work started three months ago at the Te Amo Beach / Donkey Beach. Currently the team is working on the Kaya Gobernador Debrot and they will continue as far as the Goto Lake. Then the team goes to Rincon to do maintenance work on the ditches in that neighborhood.

In order to be able to see the results of the team’s work up close, Commissioners James Kroon and Hennyson Thielman paid a working visit on site. Commissioner Kroon had words of praise for the team and said that the Executive Council is very satisfied with the work of the team. He congratulated the team and encouraged the employees to continue with their good work. Finally, the commissioner pointed out that the team has all the support of the Public Entity Bonaire.

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