Progress made with Irrigation Pipe Bonaire

Kralendijk – Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB) is satisfied with the progress of the renewal of the irrigation water pipeline (9th EDF). Work will be halted for the holidays and will resume at the beginning of 2021.

Since July 2020, WEB has been working as the project supervisor on the
9th EDF. This concerns the partial renewal of the pipeline that has to
transport purified wastewater (irrigation water) back to hotels. Despite
some minor setbacks (partly due to the rain of the past weeks), the work
is progressing satisfactorily.

The irrigation water pipe from Belnem to Hato (11 kilometers) consists of
plastic pipes. It is an important new artery in the network of the sewage
treatment plant (WWTP). The sewage system prevents polluted water in
the coastal strip from entering the sea and protects our corals. The pipeline
ensures the supply of irrigation water for more than 38 hotel connections.
Work is currently underway in the Julio Abraham Boulevard.

The excavation and laying work for the year 2020 will continue until just before the Kaya Industria (5.6 km). After that, the route will be completely cleaned up so that the population will not be bothered by work during the holidays.

In January 2021 work will resume between Jasmin Garden and Nagico. The
road must be closed on this part of the route. Transportation traffic to
Rocargo and Don Andres will be diverted.

The 9th EDF is a large-scale technical project that is carried out for and by
Bonairian people. As the project supervisor, WEB is pleased with the
collaboration with contractor Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij
(BWM), Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire (OLB) (DR&O, police, airport) and the
telephony and data traffic companies that are all closely involved with this

The 9th EDF project team apologizes for any inconvenience and thanks
everyone for their understanding and cooperation in the past period. They
wish you all happy holidays!

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