Protocol Part of Bonaire Day Celebration Adjusted

Protocol Part of Bonaire Day Celebration Adjusted

Kralendijk – The celebration of Bonaire Day will take place this year on the square in front of the Administrative Office, but in an adapted way with a few invited guests, taking into account the covid rules.

Like every year, the Bonairean island government has set up a committee for this occasion to organize this celebration, national holiday. The theme for this year is ‘Unidat ta e yabi pa libertat – Unity is the key to freedom’. The day starts at 08:30. with a solemn island council meeting in the Passangrahan. The protocol part will follow at 09.35. with uniformed groups marching and accompanied by the tones of our national anthem sung by a choir, the giant flag of Bonaire will be raised.

After the raising of the flag comes the ecumenical part, followed by some revival songs sung by the San Luis Bertran choir, speeches, recognition of our honorary citizens and the celebration ends with a beautiful show.

It is hoped that this evokes and shows a sense of patriotism in every resident who loves the island. This can be done by means of a flag on your house or car, a sticker, a pin, your clothing or any other way in which you can express that you are a Bonairean with an immense love for the island. The people of Bonaire can follow the formal meeting and the protocol part in the morning via media.

The Public Entity Bonaire wishes the entire Bonairean population a happy and pleasant Bonaire day.

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