Public Entity and World Wildlife Fund to work together on Bonaire

Kralendijk – The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF-NL) officially establish the joint wish for cooperation in the field of nature and the environment in a memorandum of understanding, also called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The signing of this MOU also kicks off a joint awareness campaign on the reduction of disposable plastics on Bonaire.

WWF-NL has been supporting nature initiatives on Bonaire for over 50 years and was involved in the purchase of Klein Bonaire and the creation of the Bonaire Marine Park. Organizations such as STINAPA, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire Reef Renewal, Boneiru Duradero and receive funds from this conservation organization that operates worldwide. In 2019 WWF-NL director Kirsten Schuijt visited Bonaire. At the time, she told Mr Rijna that WWF-NL would like to support the local government with knowledge and experience. This wish was made, among other things, in the run-up to the ban on disposable plastic.

In the coming weeks, a draft regulation will be submitted to the Executive Board for a ban on the supply (selling or giving away) of certain types of disposable plastics. This ban will take effect six months after publication. In the meantime, an awareness campaign will inform the local population about disposable plastics that will soon no longer be allowed on Bonaire. Selibon is also part of this campaign.

The MOU covers a wide range of policy areas such as waste management, wastewater treatment, sustainable fisheries, coral reefs, sargassum and  endangered species. The document will be signed by Commissioner Kroon and WWF-NL Director Kirsten Schuijt. OLB and WWF-NL will join forces where the opportunity arises and undertake joint activities.

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