Public Entity Bonaire signs garbage policy agreement with Selibon N.V.

Kralendijk – The public Entity Bonaire, represented by Commissioner Pablo ‘James’ Kroon, has signed an agreement with Selibon N.V. on the  garbage policy. An agreement was made on eight projects.

 “Selibon N.V. has already started implementing most projects,” stated director Rudsel Leito, in signing the agreement. The public Entity Bonaire (OLB) together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management have been working together on the plan for some time. The plan has been approved and is funded by the Netherlands with USD 2 million.

Commissioner Kroon is very happy that he was able to sign the agreement so that Bonaire can stay beautiful and clean. He thanks Selibon N.V. and Rudsel Leito for their tireless efforts.  

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