Public Entity Saba helps goat owners get ammunition

The Bottom, Saba – In a meeting last year September with the Executive Council, several owners of free-roaming goats indicated that there was a shortage of ammunition on the island. This shortage hindered them from shooting their goats during the grace period of the goat control project.

To help the free-roaming goat owners acquire the needed ammunition, Public Entity Saba facilitated getting ammunition to the island. Ordinarily, ammunition is brought in to Saba from the US. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a shortage of ammunition in the US. Options nearest Saba were also investigated to see if the ammunition could be sourced from any surrounding islands. However, each of these options came with its own set of limitations, such as logistical, suppliers being unable to completely fulfill the order, high cost of ammunition, etc.For these reasons, the ammunition was sourced and shipped from the Netherlands.

The ammunition arrived on the island at the end of December 2020 and is now available for purchase through local avenues. For more information on how to purchase ammunition, contact project coordinator Justin Simmons-de Jong. The general public and goat owners will receive a full update on the goat control project’s status in the coming weeks.

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