Public Entity Saba launches revitalized community recycling information campaign

Public Entity Saba launches revitalized community recycling information campaign

The Bottom, Saba – On Thursday, March 18 for Global Recycling Day, the Public Entity Saba kicked off its revitalized community information campaign encouraging everyone to be proactive in their role of mitigating their environmental impact. Next Monday, March 29 the campaign continues with a house-to-house initiative that will promote the separation of recyclables such as glass, plastic, cardboard, and metals in an effort to protect Saba’s natural resources for many generations to come.

During the one-week house-to-house visits, residents will receive a waste management instruction manual and a complimentary starter kit of reusable items to replace single-use plastics. To ensure that you have all the necessary bins to make the recycling efforts a success, a quick inventory will be made to ensure whether households have the right garbage bins, orange for recyclables and grey for other solid waste, and whether they have the orange basket to collect the recyclables at their homes.

It is important that households do their part in the recycling process by separating their waste at home. The separation of recyclables at the households will lead to a more efficient process at the waste management facility and to less frequent burning. A family-fun day is being organized for April 8 at the Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom. Everyone is invited to visit and learn more about Saba’s recycling efforts, participate in fun games and activities like an obstacle course, and be treated to snacks and live entertainment. More information will follow on the Recycle for Saba Facebook page.

A Single-Use Plastics Ban Expo will be organized for restaurants and caterers and food handlers on the island. At this expo, alternatives to single-use plastics will be shown and their benefits explained. Saba has started implementing a ban on single-use plastics. Per January 1, the distribution of plastic carrier bags is prohibited at stores and restaurants, to be followed by other single-use plastic items later this year, such as disposable straws, cups, plates, cutlery, and styrofoam food containers.

As part of the ongoing process to execute the Waste Management Improvement Plan, several general trainings are being carried out at the Waste Management Facility, covering all aspects, including preparation, processing, sorting, and sanitizing of solid waste. Cadwell Inc., under its 4 Planet initiative, provides the training.

These trainings are for personnel at the Waste Management Facility, and personnel working on the waste collection trucks and the street sweeper. Investing in personnel is an important factor in the Waste Management Improvement Plan and the efforts of the Public Entity Saba to make the waste management process more efficient. A truck scale will be installed shortly at the waste management facility to weigh the garbage that the trucks bring in. Knowing how much waste comes in, is important knowledge, also for statistical purposes. A revision of the garbage collection schedule has already taken place to improve this part of the waste management process and is included in the manual provided in the household kit.

The Public Entity is encouraging everyone to make some changes. Get your family, friends, and colleagues involved and Recycle for Saba.

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