Public Prosecutor to investigate firearm incident involving officers of police and Kmar

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has announced in a press release on Wednesday that it will investigate an incident on Saba in which a police officer from the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) drew his service firearm. 

In addition to the involved officer, a Royal Netherlands Military Police (Kmar) employee was also present, involved in the incident and reportedly using force. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in their press release has stated that they are aware that the incident has caused concern and stirred emotions within the Saba community and on social media. 

“The Prosecutor’s Office has decided to conduct a criminal investigation, led by a public prosecutor, into the circumstances that led to the use of force by the employees of KPCN and Royal Netherlands Navy. The use of force by these officials is also being further examined and assessed against the applicable regulations by the Internal Affairs Bureau of KPCN and the Royal Netherlands Navy”, according to the release. 


The findings of these investigations will be reviewed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office warns against drawing conclusions before all facts are known, and promises further information once the investigation is concluded and conclusions can be drawn.

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