Qredits provides 300th Microcredit on Bonaire

Qredits provides the 300th microcredit on Bonaire

Kralendijk – The 300th credit extension of Qredits Bonaire was celebrated on August 16. The 300th microcredit was provided to entrepreneur Andrew Sint Jago. With this loan he was able to purchase a ‘septic tank’ truck for his company ‘Diamond Septic Services’. Qredits has been active on Bonaire since 2015. Starting and existing entrepreneurs can borrow up to $50,000 credit here for the start or growth of their business.

Mr. Elwin Groenevelt, director of Qredits, Mr. Hennyson Thielman, representative of the Public Entity Bonaire, and the team of Qredits Bonaire handed over a symbolic check to entrepreneur Andrew Sint Jago. Andrew Sint Jago is a local entrepreneur who is a plumber by trade. In recent years he has worked as an administrator/maintenance employee at an after-school care facility. He founded his company in May 2021. In addition to emptying septic tanks, the company ‘Diamond Septic Services’ also provides other services, such as repairing sewers and clearing blockages.

Qredits Bonaire aims to strengthen entrepreneurship on Bonaire by, among other things, offering Microcredits up to $50,000 to (starting) entrepreneurs. They also offer personal coaching and other resources aimed at the development of the entrepreneur and his/her company. Existing entrepreneurs can also go to Qredits for corona bridging loans of up to $40,000. These loans are intended for existing or starting entrepreneurs to bridge the corona crisis period. The entrepreneur pays an interest rate between 1.75% and 6.75% over the entire term. This depends on the type of bridging loan.

Since the end of 2015 Qredits has been based on Bonaire and has its office at Kaya Industria 15-G. Many credit applications have now been submitted to Qredits and 300 have already been financed. The companies are very diverse and active in different sectors. All had difficulty with financing and were looking for just that extra helping hand. At Qredits they love the profit you make as an entrepreneur. That’s why they provide credit, training and coaching for themselves on a non-profit basis. Everything for your Profits!

More information about Qredits Bonaire can be found at The website is available in two languages: Dutch and Papiamentu. A credit application can easily be submitted via the website.

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