Queen Máxima pays digital visit to social initiatives in Caribbean

HM Koningin Máxima - 01
Koningin Máxima, 2020.
Beeld: © RVD – Martijn Beekman

Kralendijk, Willemstad, Oranjestad, Aruba – Her Majesty Queen Máxima made a digital working visit to three social initiatives in Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire on Thursday afternoon 14 January. The initiatives in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom are supported by the Orange Fund. The discussions with Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad, The Child Protection Foundation Curaçao and the Youth Work Foundation Jong Bonaire, focused on the influence of corona pandemic on local activities. on Sint Maarten, Statia and Saba. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

The Cooperative Cooperative Funds Caribbean, which also includes the Orange Fund , provides financial support to local initiatives for social projects in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. During the corona pandemic, extra attention is paid to these projects in order to provide more assistance on the islands,increase social engagement and connect people with each other . The Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad is the official food bank in Aruba and promotes participation, poverty alleviation and the general well-being on the island. Since the pandemic, the foundation also provides emergency assistance. The Curaçao Child Protection Foundation helps children and young adults with information, mediation and advice. In addition, the foundation has set up a local Children’s Telephone with the project Telefon pa mucha i hóben 918. Stichting Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire wants to create better prospects for the youth on the island and helps them to further develop their discipline and sense of responsibility with after-school activities and care.

Employees and volunteers from these three initiatives and representatives of the Cooperating Funds informed Queen Máxima during the digital working visit about the situation of local organisations in the three Leeward Islands during the pandemic. In addition, Queen Máxima spoke to the initiatives about the impact corona has on their projects,volunteers, target groups and plans for the future.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima speak by phone,in video calls and where possible during working visits with those involved about the consequences of the corona crisis and the efforts of so many to combat the pandemic.

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