Relocation of Statia Government main office

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Several government offices on St. Eustatius are being relocated in order to accommodate the return of the Island Council. The main office of the Executive Council of the Public Entity St. Eustatius will be relocated to the former Governor’s residence at the Van Tonningen weg. The Island Council members, the Registrar (‘Griffier’) and supporting staff will be housed at the Government Guesthouse. 

The Cabinet will also be relocated to the former Governor’s Mansion on the Van Tonningen weg. This way all personnel linked directly to the Executive Council will be housed at one location. The relocation will take place in the second week of December 2020.

The staff of Culture & Events will relocate to one of the buildings formerly owned by the West Indian Trading Company located at the Synagogue Path. The Director Business Management and Customer Service and staff will move to the building opposite of Cool Corner, which was previously occupied by the Registrar. The entire team of the Unit Social Support will relocate to the building that previously housed the St. Eustatius Community Care Center situated on the Cottage Road. Once the move is completed the Public Entity St. Eustatius will ensure that each building is properly signposted to ensure they are easily recognized by the external customer.

The Executive Council evaluated the housing situation in the historic core to seek proper housing for all parties involved. Although the housing situation is challenging, the Executive Council sought solutions in order to accommodate all parties involved. “We hope that all locations where persons are housed would provide a good working environment to ensure that the general public is served efficiently and effectively. Planning for a new central administration building for the island is still in early stages,” said Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij. 

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