Rules And Regulations At Statia Seaport Facility

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – As of today, Tuesday, September 9 2020, the following rules and regulations need to be adhered to when entering the seaport facility and/or its buildings.

When you want to meet with a staff member at seaport, please making an appointment by phone (what can be done by phone or e-mail, please do so).

When entering or exiting the facility and/or buildings you have to wear a face-mask (at all times), this is mandatory (no exceptions). Not more than 5 clients at the time are allowed in the warehouse; the warehouse falls under the same regulations : you must wear a face-mask and sanitize your hands.

Also, 1.5 meter social distance is mandatory.

The annex building (canteen/operational building) is for personnel use only. For questions, please contact the seaport office.

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