Saba and Bonaire sign Education Agenda with the Netherlands

Policy Officer for the Ministry of OCW Mirella Thijm holds up the Education Agenda document after the signing

THE BOTTOM/KRALENDIJK- Saba, Bonaire and the Netherlands on Wednesday, July 5, signed the Education Agenda which aims to further improve the quality of education on the two islands. 

Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf, Saba Commissioner of Education Eviton Heyliger and Bonaire Commissioner of Education Jolinda Craane signed the Education Agenda on behalf of their government. For Saba, the education agenda was also signed by Executive Director of the school board of the Sacred Heart School and Saba Comprehensive School Anton Hermans and Expertise Center EC2 Saba Director Annelies Buurmeijer. 

The collaboration focuses on, among other things, recruiting and informing of education personnel, the professionalizing of the school boards, attention for multilingual education, the upkeep of school buildings, a better transition to secondary education and the developing of a vision for digital literacy.  

The agreements were secured in an Educational Agenda per island which was signed during a digital gathering. The details of the agreement will be worked out and published in August. The agendas will be implemented in the new schoolyear. This is the third Education Agenda and it will be valid up to and including the schoolyear 2026/2027. The Ministry of OCW is still talking with the involved parties on St. Eustatius to also draft an education agenda with this island.


During the signing of the Third Education Agenda, Minister Dijkgraaf expressed his confidence in the important themes outlined in the education agendas for Saba and Bonaire, stating that working together would lead to necessary improvements. 

Commissioner Heyliger emphasized the collaborative approach taken by the Ministry of OCW and praised the continuous working relationship for the strengthening of education on Saba. Executive Director Hermans highlighted the significance of the education agenda for the growth and success of children, with a particular focus on housing for Saba. 

Commissioner Jolinda Craane stressed the importance of multilingual education and improvements to school buildings on Bonaire. The teams involved were thanked for their efforts in developing the education agenda.

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